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When exercising more and eating less does not help to shed extra pounds.

When you decide you need to get rid of extra pounds, what is the first recommendation that comes to your mind? EAT LESS, EXERCISE MORE. 



Have you been trying to follow this recommendation for a while and gave up because you do not see any positive results that would boost your motivation? Instead, you feel hungry and too lazy (no energy) to do anything extra.  It is a very common story.

A few years ago, scientists solved this mystery. The answer to your unsuccessful attempts to lose weight are, a) INSULIN and, b) LEPTIN resistance. 

The incorrect work of these two hormones is responsible for the extra pounds we carry on our bodies, and , as a consequence, to chronic metabolic diseases: 

  • heart diseases, 
  • lipid problem,
  • hypertension, 
  • type 2 diabetes, 
  • dementia, 
  • cancer, 
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome, 
  • non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The role of insulin and leptin in metabolism

The key understanding why more and more people became overweight, was a result of  diabetes research. Scientists have explained how sugar is responsible for a biochemical shift making us store fat and feel hungry at the same time.

Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat tissue to tell your brain you have eaten enough and you can stop. Overweight and obese people have tons of leptin because that have a lot of fat, but they feel hunger, nevertheless. It happens due to the broken biochemistry of the brain, namely Leptin resistance that develops over time,  when receptors are flooded with leptin and they stop to recognize it.

For example, a person gets used to living on 2000 calories a day. This person is diabetic and injects insulin into his/her system to reduce blood sugar (equivalent to 300 calories), where does this sugar go? It transforms into fat (75 grams) and gets deposited in the body. Insulin’s job is to transform sugar into fat. More insulin, more fat.

Now you have only 1700 calories to burn, but your body wants to spend 2000 to feel good as caloric expenditure is what makes us feel good. You ended up in a situation of starvation. Therefore, you eat more to make up for this shortage. This is the onset of eating more that we need.

The same mechanism works for non-obese people with the only difference that instead of insulin injections that diabetics get, our bodies produce excessive insulin themselves. Our bodies produce more insulin as a response to food with higher-than-normal sugar content. 

Sugar in your diet

Sugar gets added everywhere, in every type of produce that you can buy from the supermarket. Things are getting worse and worse as the industrial global diet has increased the amount of sugar we consume dramatically over the last 30 years. We have been told what to eat by the food industry, and we go along with it, because it is sweet. The food choices we see when we come to the store are all topped up with added sugar. Sugar is hiding behind different names in its attempt to get undetected in the ingredient list. See 65 masks of sugar.

Even though we have been pushed to consume as much sugar as never before, now we have the knowledge and certain instruments to restore our metabolism and keep your health and weight under control. Physiology and biochemistry control our behavior. 

Contact us today if you want to learn more about the weight loss programs that not only help you to shed extra pounds but fix the metabolism of the body, and allow to keep your ideal weight consistently and feel perfect in your body.

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