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Wellness Trends for 2020

Which wellness trends will shape the future of the $4.2 trillion wellness business in 2020?

Wellbeing Sabbaticals

In a super connected, fast moving world it’s becoming near impossible to disconnect in situ. Work demands spread into home life, stress levels rise and sleep becomes an issue. No surprise then that longer, more restorative retreats are set to rise in 2020. At Soul Sanctuaries, many of our travellers are suffering from exhaustion and even adrenal burnout. A simple beach holiday just won’t cut it. Removing yourself entirely from daily distractions could be viewed as the playground of the rich and famous, however, with the increasing number of people working remotely these days, long stay wellness is becoming a reality.

So much so that health and wellness retreats, such as Kamalaya in Koh Samui, are launching dedicated sabbatical wellness programs. Their ‘Wellbeing Sabbatical’ program has been created for those in need of deeper, more restorative retreat experience, away from the strains of modern life. Offering a fresh perspective on life, set within the beautiful, beachside environment of Kamalaya. The benefits of retreating in a lush, natural environment are huge, coupled with guidance, holistic treatments and super nutritious cuisine. After an initial wellness consultation and Body Bio-Impedance Analysis to determine your health and wellness needs, a personalised program is created. This may include revitalising Spa treatments such as Royal Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara, Vital Essence Oil Massage, Tension Relief Massage and other healing treatments to release physical and mental tension and restore balance and relaxation. Physiotherapy also forms part of this wellness retreat, to address any postural or structural issues. Naturopathy is key to healing at Kamalaya and on this Wellbeing Sabbatical you’ll receive weekly consultations, lots of nutritional guidance and life coaching sessions with the in-house Life Enhancement Mentors, exploring stress management, meditation, Pranayama breathing exercises, and to explore any life goals you may wish to achieve.

Forest Bathing

This year’s GWS Summit 2019 outlined wellness trend’s for 2020 at the recent gathering in Singapore. The healing power of nature cannot be over-estimated and it this year’s Summit, Forest Bathing was given credit. Known is ‘Shinrin-yoku’ in Japan, this form of nature therapy is definitely catching on. Taking pause to enjoy a forest atmosphere has proven health benefits, including lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity and lower sympathetic nerve activity. Guests travelling with us to Cambodia on the ‘Spiritual Angkor’ journey, have the pleasure of experiencing forest bathing as part of an immersive spiritual retreat of monks, meditation and monasteries. Reconnecting with nature in this way really does feel heavenly!

Sound Healing

No longer satisfied with the a few ‘Ohms’ and a ‘Namaste’ at the end of a yoga practice, healing with sound and music therapy is an emerging wellness trend for 2020. Tibetan singing bowls have long been used during healing retreats, the vibrations are said to lower blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce respiratory rates. We’re now seeing the incorporation of music as therapy into our healthy holidays across Asia. Those journeying with us to India can enjoy the magical sound of the flute during meditation at Vana.

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Wellness Trends for 2020

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