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About Anahata Heart
Yoga & Nutritional Centre

About Anahata Heart Studio and Nutrition Centre Anahata Heart Yoga Studio and Nutritional Centre

Welcome to Anahata Heart Yoga studio and Nutritional Centre!

Anahata Heart Yoga Studio and Nutritional Centre is a private studio, located in Vaughan, Ontario. It is created by long time yoga and nutrition professional Tanya Stoyanova. Tanya has made it a special mission to help others on the way to achieving a balanced lifestyle and better health. 

Anahata Heart Yoga Studio and Nutritional Centre focuses on 2 aspects of health – exercise (professionally guided yoga classes) and expert Nutrition consultations. Looking into the basics of a healthy lifestyle – exercise and nutrition – it is, simply, easier to get better results.

The studio offers in-person and online yoga training classes and Nutrition Therapy consultations.

Serenity and Power Anahata Heart Yoga Studio and Nutritional Centre

It does not matter what brings you to yoga exercises – the desire to add an effective exercise to your routine, to challenge your body, get rid of back or joint pain, or boost your energy levels – it is an extraordinary system that has the power to do it all. 

Proven by the years of practice it offers you a great way to achieve so much more than you hoped for!

Yoga is always an exciting journey! But you do need to find a strong and knowledgeable master that will help you in your quest. Tanya Stoyanova has dedicated her past 10 years to studying yoga techniques and developing exercise sequences targeting specific conditions. 

Taking into consideration different experience levels, individual body type, and personal goals she will help you explore the exhilarating art of yoga in a group or private setting at her studio. Yoga is so much more than just following the pose sequence! It treats our body as one system on physical and energy levels. Get inspired in your quest for inner balance! 

About Anahata Heart Studio and Nutritional Centre Anahata Heart Yoga Studio and Nutritional Centre
Nutritional therapy Anahata Heart Yoga Studio and Nutritional Centre

A personal healing path does not stop at only one aspect – exercise. Adding the fundamentals to the mix – a healthy balanced nutrition system will ensure you always get the best results. 

For years working with yoga students and looking into possibilities of the human body, Tanya has been paying a lot of attention to the aspects of nutrition. Getting certified as a Nutritional Therapist was the next logical step. Today she is offering in-person and online consultations helping her clients to achieve better results through the knowledge of nutrition.

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The journey to self-discovery and self-improvement is never perfect. It is a uniquely human process. It takes a lot of knowledge and work. It is much easier with someone there to support you in your quest. I am here to help.

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